Choosing Lillian

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A signed paperback copy of Choosing Lillian. Book dimensions 15 x 22cm. Price includes postage. *Australian postage only please.


Starting over had petrified her. Then she met him.

One year ago, my husband left, just when I was at my lowest. Heartbroken and grieving, I found the prospect of starting again too daunting to consider. Then I met Blake - a tall, muscular detective with beautiful hazel eyes.

His gaze set me burning with a desire I'd never felt before. I could see how much he wanted me. Hell, I wanted him too. But is it wrong to start a relationship when you know it can never work?

When faced with telling Blake the truth about why we can't be together, I chose to start a lie, claiming I want nothing more from him than sex, thinking it will save us both from another inevitable heartbreak.

But some truths should never be kept.

Sometimes, the lies we tell to protect ourselves are the ones that come back to hurt us the most.

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