Chasing Gabby

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A signed paperback copy of Chasing Gabby. Book dimensions 15 x 22cm. Price includes postage. *Australian postage only please.


Some demons are harder to fight ... And temptation is a tough demon to follow.

I promised to save myself for marriage - to be a good girl. After all, that has been expected of me my whole life.

I’d managed to control myself all these years, to remain untouched in that way. But Charlie, with eyes the colour of aquamarine gemstones, full lips like a model, and a physique that looks way too inviting under his designer suits, has me questioning everything I’ve ever believed.

Just his presence leaves desire clawing its toxic tendrils into my skin, his smile leaving me drowning in temptation.

But giving in to him is not an option, not when we both risk jeopardising the relationships we share - the friendships we both depend on.


No matter how desperately I want Charlie, or how my body weakens whenever he is close, I cannot succumb to his charm. I must fight this temptation and stop from giving him the one thing I promised not to ... myself.

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