Kaylah Series

This is Kaylah

This Is Kaylah

When twenty-six-year-old Kaylah loses her job, finding a new one is harder than she anticipates. Her brazen honesty and fun-loving nature eventually attract Jason’s attention, the emotionally guarded owner of Edge Marketing, and she is offered a job as an administrative assistant.

Everything seems to have finally fallen into place. That is until Elisha, an attractive and confident marketing consultant starts an unwarranted siege of taunting against her.

As Kaylah progresses in her new job, the truth behind Jason's emotional detachment slowly unravels, as does the reason behind Elisha’s relentless harassment, and Kaylah becomes stuck between the secret they share.

Can she help Jason break the ties that bind him? Or will she get caught in the heartache still haunting him?

A story about honesty in love, ‘This Is Kaylah’ delves into the fragility of heartbreak and the relationships we need in order to heal the scars of our past.

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Promise me, Ben

Promise Me, Ben is the spin off to This Is Kaylah by contemporary romance author Rania Battany

Simone is flattered. But the transition from friends to lovers seems impossible, especially since she struggles to see Ben as anything other than a notorious flirt. So she keeps it playful. After all, teasing each other is what they do best.

When sex and complicated feelings are thrown in the mix, they seem to have found a sure-fire way to kill their friendship. Simone is left to question whether a relationship is worth the risk of losing a friend, and Ben is left waiting—and wondering—if Simone will ever see him as something more.

A spin-off to This is Kaylah, a warm-hearted contemporary romance, Promise Me, Ben can be read as a stand-alone novella.

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He stole her heart. He tried to give it back. He wouldn't let her.

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