Stolen Hearts Series

Call Me Lucy - Book 1

Protecting her is one thing. Saving her is another.

I’m told they don’t know how old I am, where I came from, or if I even have a home. All the doctors know is that I was hit by a car three weeks ago, lost my memory, and no one has tried to claim me since.

Not one person in the whole damn world knows who I am.

The social worker, Lillian, wants to put me in a shelter since I’m homeless. And nameless.

I prefer to be on the street than in a shelter.

Somehow, Lillian convinces me to live at her place. With her brother.


Billy isn’t nice.

Billy has been told to protect me.

He’s given Lillian six weeks to get me out of there. But I refuse to be at his mercy, and I will do everything I can to discover my identity before my time is up… or die trying.

Until I find out who I am, he can call me Lucy.

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Choosing Lillian - Book 2

Starting over had petrified her. Then she met him.

One year ago, my husband left, just when I was at my lowest. Heartbroken and grieving, I found the prospect of starting again too daunting to consider.

Then I met Blake - a tall, muscular detective with beautiful hazel eyes.

His gaze set me burning with a desire I'd never felt before. I could see how much he wanted me. Hell, I wanted him too. But is it wrong to start a relationship when you know it can never work?

When faced with telling Blake the truth about why we can’t be together, I chose to start a lie, claiming I want nothing more from him than sex, thinking it would save us both from another inevitable heartbreak.

But some truths should never be kept.

Sometimes, the lies we tell to protect ourselves are the ones that come back to hurt us the most.

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Chasing Gabby - Book 3

Some demons are harder to fight ... And temptation is a tough demon to conquer.

I promised to save myself for marriage - to be a good girl. After all, that has been expected of me my whole life.

I’d managed to control myself all these years, to remain untouched in that way. But Charlie, with eyes the colour of aquamarine gemstones, full lips like a model, and a physique that looks way too inviting under his designer suits, has me questioning everything I’ve ever believed.

Just his presence leaves desire clawing its toxic tendrils into my skin, his smile leaving me drowning in temptation.

But giving in to him is not an option, not when we both risk jeopardising the relationships we share - the friendships we both depend on.

No. No matter how desperately I want Charlie, or how my body weakens whenever he is close, I cannot succumb to his charm. I must fight this temptation and stop from giving him the one thing I promised not to ... myself.

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Letters To Leila - Prequel

He stole her heart. He wanted to give it back. She wouldn't let him.

Leila was sixteen when Jacob asked if he could kiss her. She said yes, and he kissed her every day after that for the next nine years.

Jacob was twenty-five when he realised Leila would never give him what he wanted the most. So he left the only woman he'd ever loved.

Three years later they bump into each other in a chance encounter. From one look, Jacob already feels his resolve to stay away from her weaken. But Leila has waited three agonising years to see him again, and this time she won't let him go.