Sandstone Series

Everything, Lola - Book 1

Jack has loved Lola from the beginning. With her by his side, he planned to build an empire of hotels across the world. But as Jack clawed his way through each dot point on the checklist of his life plan, he lost focus of the one thing he ever truly wanted. Lola.

Lola floated through life like a leaf caught in a breeze, drifting from menial job to menial job. With no goals of her own, she disappeared into the shadows of Jack's success until she lost herself completely ... and their relationship crumbled.

After three long years apart, Lola has finally found herself, and Jack has taken the first step in building his empire.

All he needs now is his empress.

But time is running out. With one last shot at winning back the woman he loves, Jack decides on something drastic. This time, his plan cannot fail.

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