Promise Me Ben

Promise me, Ben

Heat Level /5


How long has Ben been friends with Simone?

Three years.

And how long has he secretly been in love with her?

Yep. Three years.

For three agonising years, Ben has hidden his feelings for Simone behind playful flirting, teasing banter and bad jokes. But everything changed when a mutual friend made him promise to reveal how he truly felt. Suddenly, Ben was no longer able to hide behind his cocky façade.

Simone is flattered. But the transition from friends to lovers seems impossible, especially since she struggles to see Ben as anything other than a notorious flirt. So she keeps it playful. After all, teasing each other is what they do best.

When sex and complicated feelings are thrown in the mix, they seem to have found a sure-fire way to kill their friendship. Simone is left to question whether a relationship is worth the risk of losing a friend, and Ben is left waiting—and wondering—if Simone will ever see him as something more.

A spin-off to This is Kaylah, a warm-hearted contemporary romance, Promise Me, Ben can be read as a stand-alone novella.

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