About Me

Hi, I'm Rania...

I live with my husband and three children in Melbourne, Australia. When I'm not writing, I love getting my hands dirty in the garden, frolicking with my chickens and dog, and going on adventurous outings with my family.

A little more about me...

There's nothing I enjoy more than being swept into the drama, love and passion of a good book.

Stories have always played like movies in my mind. I created characters and imagined their conversations long before I put anything on paper. When I started writing, it was a relief to get everything out of my head and into something I could share. Now, I write the kind of books I enjoy reading, which is emotionally driven contemporary romance that tugs at the heartstrings but leaves you feeling hopeful.

Rania Woodany's This Is Kaylah. A contemporary Romance Novel about honesty in love and the fragility of heartbreak that tugs at the heart strings