About Rania

Hello, I'm Rania ...

I live with my husband and three children in Melbourne, Australia, nestled between the beautiful Yarra Valley and the Dandenong mountain ranges. As an Australian-born Lebanese woman married to an Australian man, I have a passion for exploring interracial romances in my stories. When I'm not writing, I spend my days getting dirty in the garden, where I have spent years building a large walk-in veggie patch and food forest on our quarter-acre block.

I'm super proud to say that my garden sustains our family of five through the warmer months.

A little more about me...

Before I was Rania Battany the author, I was Rania Battany the reader. There's nothing I enjoy more than being swept into the drama, love and passion of a good book.

Stories have always played like movies in my mind. I created characters and imagined their conversations long before I put anything on paper. When I started writing, it was a relief to get everything out of my head and into something I could share. Now, I write the kinds of books I love to read - emotionally driven, raw and real.

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Rania Woodany's This Is Kaylah. A contemporary Romance Novel about honesty in love and the fragility of heartbreak that tugs at the heart strings

He stole her heart. He tried to give it back. He wouldn't let her.

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