About Rania

Rania Battany is an Australian-based contemporary romance and women's fiction author. She writes raw, real and relatable romance that packs an emotional punch. Her characters are charismatic and sometimes flawed; the romances are passionate and sensual; and the stories tug at the heartstrings, always coming together in a powerful and beautiful Happily Ever After.

A little more about Rania ...

Before she was Rania Battany the author, she was Rania Battany the reader. There's nothing Rania enjoys more than being swept into the drama, love and passion of a good book.

Stories have always played like movies in her mind. She created characters and imagined their conversations long before she put anything on paper. When Rania started writing, she found it was a relief to get everything out of her head and into something she could share. Now, she writes the kind of books she loves to read - emotionally driven, raw and real.

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Rania Woodany's This Is Kaylah. A contemporary Romance Novel about honesty in love and the fragility of heartbreak that tugs at the heart strings