"Ms Battany writes stories that are emotional; she never fails to pull me in, to get my feelings going as she writes about real people with real problems and brings everything together in a powerful and beautiful Happily Ever After ..."

Helen Sibbritt - Reviewer
Rania Battany books
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Rania Battany books
Who is Rania Battany?

Rania Battany writes raw, real and relatable romance that packs an emotional punch. Her characters are charismatic and sometimes flawed; the romances are passionate and sensual; and the stories tug at the heartstrings, always coming together in a powerful and beautiful Happily Ever After.

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A Small-Town Second-Chance Romance. Out Now.

Who is Rania Battany?

Every Season of You

Jack's life plan had been simple: to marry the love of his life, Lola, and create a global hotel empire. However, life doesn’t always work out as we plan.

Years after leaving Adina Bay, their quaint beachside hometown, Jack found himself without a hotel and, worse, without Lola—the one thing he’d ever truly wanted.

When a chance opportunity arises to invest in Sandstone by the Water, a charming boutique hotel in Adina Bay, Jack decides to return home. Here, he hatches a daring scheme: to persuade Lola to feign a rekindled marriage to impress the hotel's family-oriented owners.

To his surprise, Lola agrees, and now he has four days to make it work—four days to charm the boutique owners, secure his first hotel investment … and win back the woman he loves.

This time, his plan cannot fail.

Every Season of You is Book One in the brand-new Adina Bay series. Books Two and Three will be out in 2024.

A Small-Town Romance. Out Now.

With You In Wild Orchards Rania Battany

With You In Wild Orchards

Twenty years ago, Luna's aunt Juliette convinced Luna and her mother to write down their deepest secrets. She hid those secrets in a box. Then, in a pine forest far from home, Juliette buried what they wrote.

Luna never planned to go in search of that box. Whatever secrets her mother and aunt wrote that day, Luna had wanted to remain buried.

But when Juliette dies unexpectedly, Luna discovers her aunt was hiding more than the secret she buried twenty years earlier. Searching for answers, Luna returns to the small town Juliette had once loved; to the trees guarding their secrets.

There's one problem.

The pine forest is on private land. That land belongs to the sexy-but-guarded Jamie.

The more Luna chases Juliette's ghost, the more uncertain Jamie becomes of her intentions, but the more time they spend together, the more their chemistry builds.

It's complicated. And scary.

Especially since the last thing Luna expected to find was love ... or herself.

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With You In Wild Orchards Rania Battany

Give You Everything: a short story

A fun, short romance featuring a commitment-phobe hero, a beautiful heroine and a dumpling restaurant.

Commitment-phobe Harry had spent twelve glorious months fooling around with the beautiful Sophia. It was exciting and fun ... until he developed actual feelings for her.

When Sophia asked him how he really felt, Harry lied and said it was just sex. Of course he did. He then spent six months avoiding her and the feelings he tried desperately to bury. It was a perfect plan.

Until it wasn't.

Finally, Harry has to face seeing Sophia again at his brother's engagement. His brother, who is getting married to Sophia's best friend. With no other choice, Harry must sit through an entire night beside the woman he'd spent six months avoiding. In an intimate restaurant, sitting next to the woman who looks way too good in her red dress, Harry realises that he may have been able to hide from Sophia, but he could never hide from his feelings.


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With You In Wild Orchards Rania Battany

Dawn Kisses on Pinpoint Beach: a short story

One minute, Lola was sitting on Pinpoint Beach, enjoying the scenery and contemplating her future. The next, a rogue football hit her in the head.

Two men came running to check on her, but only one stayed with her ... the whole night.

Dawn Kisses on Pinpoint Beach is the short prequel to the full-length small-town, second-chance romance Every Season of You


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With You In Wild Orchards Rania Battany

Letters to Leila - Stolen Hearts Prequel

A sensual second-chance romance

Leila was sixteen when Jacob asked if he could kiss her. She said yes, and he kissed her every day after that for the next nine years.

Jacob was twenty-five when he realised Leila would never give him what he wanted the most. So he left the only woman he'd ever loved.

Three years later they bump into each other in a chance encounter. From one look, Jacob already feels his resolve to stay away from her weaken. But Leila has waited three agonising years to see him again, and this time she won't let him go.