"Ms Battany writes stories that are emotional; she never fails to pull me in, to get my feelings going as she writes about real people with real problems and brings everything together in a powerful and beautiful Happily Ever After ..."

Helen Sibbritt - Reviewer
Rania Battany books
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Rania Battany books
Who is Rania Battany?

Rania Battany is an Australian-based contemporary romance and women's fiction author. She creates relatable characters and explores real issues while engaging readers with stories that tug at the emotional core.

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A Dual Timeline Romance. Coming April 2022.

Who is Rania Battany?

12 Weeks of June

2018: All Chloe wanted was an eternal love, like that of her grandparents’. What she got was a broken heart and a rude reminder of single life in the digital age.

After her fiancé leaves, Chloe decides to re-invent the cafe her grandmother June opened in 1959. There, buried amongst her grandmother’s possessions in the abandoned building, lie long-hidden secrets. Secrets that could shatter everything Chloe believes about love ... and her grandparents.

1959: Arthur comes from the wrong side of the city. It’s never been an issue ... until he fell in love with the beautiful and wealthy June.

There are many reasons to stay away, but when June asks Arthur to renovate her dream tearoom, Arthur doesn't say no. Each week he falls more in love with a woman who cannot be his, but his heart refuses to listen, and he finds himself doing what no honest man should do – keep secrets to be with the one he loves.

A story about love, culture, family and second chances. Out Now.

Our Own Private Fig Tree by Rania Battany

Our Own Private Fig Tree

1988: In a multicultural pocket of inner-city Melbourne, sixteen-year-old Caleb falls in love with Samira, his Lebanese neighbour. Both understand the rules that determine they’re not allowed to date, but neither stays away. As they hide in the branches of a giant fig tree, their forbidden love blossoms … until tragedy pulls them apart.

1998: A chance encounter has reunited Caleb and Samira. Now that she’s no longer the sixteen-year-old girl he fell in love with but a beautiful grown woman, Caleb is certain they’ll have a second chance. But cultural rules don’t go away simply because they’re adults. Instead, they’re left facing the same battle they did as teens. Except this time, Caleb realises the threads of culture and heritage are woven much deeper into his own life than he could’ve imagined.

He has a choice. To fight for the woman he loves, or to do what everyone before him has done. Follow the rules

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