"Ms Battany writes stories that are emotional; she never fails to pull me in, to get my feelings going as she writes about real people with real problems and brings everything together in a powerful and beautiful Happily Ever After ..."

Helen Sibbritt - Reviewer
Who is Rania Battany?

About my books

I write emotionally driven contemporary romance and women's fiction and love nothing more than exploring real issues while creating flawed characters who have to fight their way to Happily Ever After.

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A Sensual Second Chance romance. Coming 10th December.

Everything Lola

Jack has loved Lola from the beginning. With her by his side, he planned to build an empire of hotels across the world. But as Jack clawed his way through each dot point on the checklist of his life plan, he lost focus of the one thing he ever truly wanted. Lola.

Lola floated through life like a leaf caught in a breeze, drifting from menial job to menial job. With no goals of her own, she disappeared into the shadows of Jack's success until she lost herself completely ... and their relationship crumbled.

After three long years apart, Lola has finally found herself, and Jack has taken the first step in building his empire.

All he needs now is his empress.

But time is running out. With one last shot at winning back the woman he loves, Jack decides on something drastic. This time, his plan cannot fail.

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An Enemies to Lovers romance. Out Now.

Call me Lucy

Protecting her is one thing. Saving her is another.

I’m told they don’t know how old I am, where I came from, or if I even have a home. All the doctors know is that I was hit by a car three weeks ago, lost my memory, and no one has tried to claim me since.

Not one person in the whole damn world knows who I am.

The social worker, Lillian, wants to put me in a shelter since I’m homeless. And nameless.

I prefer to be on the street than in a shelter.

Somehow, Lillian convinces me to live at her place. With her brother.


Billy isn’t nice.

Billy has been told to protect me.

He’s given Lillian six weeks to get me out of there. But I refuse to be at his mercy, and I will do everything I can to discover my identity before my time is up… or die trying.

Until I find out who I am, he can call me Lucy.

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A Protective Cop romance. Out Now.

Choosing Lillian

Starting over had petrified her. Until she met him.

One year ago, my husband left, just when I was at my lowest. Heartbroken and grieving, the prospect of starting again seemed too daunting to consider.

Then I met Blake - a tall, muscular detective with beautiful hazel eyes.

His gaze set me burning with a desire I'd never felt before. I could see how much he wanted me. Hell, I wanted him too. But is it wrong to start a relationship when you know it can never work?

When faced with telling Blake the truth about why we can’t be together, I chose to start a lie, claiming I want nothing more from him than sex, thinking it would save us both from another inevitable heartbreak.

But some truths should never be kept.

Sometimes, the lies we tell to protect ourselves are the ones that come back to hurt us the most.

Choosing Lillian is Book 2 in the Stolen Hearts series.

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The Good Girl and the Playboy. Out Now.

Chasing Gabby

I promised to save myself for marriage - to be a good girl. After all, that has been expected of me my whole life.

I’d managed to control myself all these years, to remain untouched in that way. But Charlie, with eyes the color of aquamarine gemstones, full lips like a model, and a physique that looks way too inviting under his designer suits, has me questioning everything I’ve ever believed.

Just his presence has desire clawing its toxic tendrils into my skin, his smile leaving me drowning in temptation.

But giving in to him is not an option, not when we both risk jeopardizing the relationships we share - the friendships we both depend on.

No. No matter how desperately I want Charlie, or how my body weakens whenever he is close, I cannot succumb to his charm. I must fight this temptation and stop from giving him the one thing I promised not to ... myself.

Chasing Gabby is Book 3 in the Stolen Hearts series.

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He stole her heart. He tried to give it back. He wouldn't let her. Get the prequel to the Stolen Hearts series now.

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